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Discussion in 'Flame Wars' started by Chaturbate-cow, Mar 25, 2018.

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    Spit/Drool Fetish - Playing with my spit and drool, letting it coat my big tits, chest, fingers, chin and face. Sweet pink lips licking and moistening everything ;)
    Watch me grind on your cock, as you watch my asshole stretch to fit it
    Hello Sir... I've been waiting. I'm always waiting for you, really... Yes Sir I'll be polite, sit up just like I'm supposed to. Thank you, Sir. Thank you. I want to touch my cunt, I want to feel it. With my palm? 10? Yes Sir... Thank you. It hurts, it burns, it hasn't been touched yet and I want it.20? Yes Sir. Thank you Sir. 30? Yes... Thank you Sir. God it hurts so bad... 40? Oh please Sir god it hurts so much! Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.Please, may I though now? Pet myself and make it feel OH fuck that hurts still somehow but Thank you... Sir...

    It?s time for a cigarette! But I?m horny too... So let?s do both things
    Watch me enjoy my new inflatable dildo One thing I've always been curious about is the feeling of a cock growing while inside my tight pussy. I pump it up and deflate it while riding it til I cant take it anymore and gush squirt everywhere multiple times.
    Watch as I lay on the ground and masturbate with a hitachi like a teenager whose parents are out of town. I cum multiple times. Thank god for going off antidepressants
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    Angel gettin lovin in one of her many fav postions that you can see the pussy
    My first 4K video!AlliLeigh_CB and I are two naughty forest nymphs that want nothing more than to service your hard cock. We tease, strip, and stroke you, tantalizing you with our eyes. How long can you resist the temptresses in the trees
    Watch me use my leather strap to spank myself until my cheeks are pink! I finish myself off with my vibrator- possibly one of my best orgasms yet
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    In my cute pink onesie, I shake my ass to the beat of Balkan Beat Box on my headphones. About half way through I strip my onesie off to reveal my matching bra and panties. I shake it like a Polaroid picture ;) *no audio
    Class Deb plays with two dildos and eventually uses them to do a double pen on herself. That's the only way she likes it!
    435Mb, 14:36, 1280x720, 60fpsAmateur Lindsey starts with some passionate kissing, followed by pussy eating, blowjob, pussy/ass eating, fingering, and lots of fucking (several positions), hair pulling, finishes with a creampie
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    Watch Victoria Summers try to do her first pee on camera with me! She doesn't manage it in part 1 so I finish with a little outdoor pee myself. Look out for part 2 to find out if she manages to pee
    I have friends over and I snuck away to play in the bathroom. Sometimes when you're horny you just cant help yourself
    You know you can't deny the power of a succubus, especially when she's right there in front of you, ready to cum
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    Watch me as I masturbate with my Hitachi until I cum, all creamy with close ups of my throbbing, pulsing pussy
    Sister Adore has called Sister Nickels in for a chat about her sinful behavior. She needs to be punished and cleansed. See Sister Adore use the Holy cock to show Sister Nickels how sinning is really done
    I was starting to get a bit too hairy for the warm summer weather, so I decide to shave my pussy smooth in the shower. Featuring: hairy pussy, bush, hairy bush, pussy, shaved pussy, shower, shower scene, up close, close up, close-up, wet, shaving cream, wet & messy
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    I want to show you just what I’d do to your cock with these pretty feet. First, I’m going to get them all nice and oily, lubed up so they slide along your cock. Then, I’m going to tease you with my toes, soles, and heels. There’s so much coconut oil melting onto my warm toes, dripping onto your cock while I stroke it with my feet
    Tenderness on cam. Includes fingering closeups, white 6 dildo fucking with leg behind head and dildo riding. Dimensions: 854x480.
    My dripping wet pussy demanded attention! I relax in my big comfy armchair and pet my kitty until I have a delicious orgasm, which I take my time floating down from.
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    I get caught masturbating by my mom and decide to give her some slut training. Watch me show her how to be a good little whore. Fisting both holes, big gapes, lots of filthy talk
    In this Tease & Denial video, you are sitting down looking over at me. I know what you're thinking and I know what you're doing, PERV. You're completely overtaken by my beauty, a true Goddess glowing on the first day of spring. I know how to tease you, and tempt you with my round succulent ass. You're weak now, and I cant help but flip you off on my way out *MUAH
    Aw damn-Another pair of my leggings have holes in them! This always happens. My big 43-inch bubbly butt stretches them out and I end up with small holes making them so rippable. I pair the leggings with a ripping t-shirt too. Watch how sexy I look tearing the flimsy clothing off my beautiful, sexy body. I want you to jerk off as I get naked, shoving this thick ass in your face

    Mom is a pretty honest, laid back lady. You're so close with her because she's so close with you, and when she tells you something that's been bugging her, it doesn't faze you. However, the information she wants to drop on you today is a bit out of the ordinary.Admitting to wanting to be a Grandmother, you're taken aback. You're still in high school and haven't even had sex yet. The things you've told your Mom about staying a virgin until love and marriage were serious, and you're a real goody goody. Poor Mom, wanting to be a Grandma already. She says that everyone tells her what a great Mom she is, and how she'll be an even better Grandmother.The more she talks about it, the more uncomfortable you are. How should she become on under your terms? Or is she just rambling? Apparently, she wants to help you with what's keeping you from getting some random girl pregnant. How about you have sex with someone you love? HER
    internal view with siime vibrator.Not for everyone, but definitely for some. My first ever internal video ;)Custom videos available.
    Bandit spies on River while she gets dressed and plays with her vibrator. (note: this video is staged and 100% consensual)
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    HD You get called into the Boss' office for a chat about this break that you requested for Christmas week. She obviously caught wind of this and is now in the mind set of reminding you where your priorities should lie and where should be reporting on Christmas Day. She doesn't care that your trying to see your family, not at such a crucial time for the company. Tisk Tisk. We'll have to put you back in your sorry place so that you will remember why you're so lucky to work here in the first place. Go ahead and close my blinds, we'll need some privacy, and you can unbuckle your slacks now.THIS CLIP ALSO FULFILLS YOUR KINKS FORDOMINATION - SLUTTY BOSS - PANTYHOSE FETISH - LIPSTICK FETISH - MOANING FETISH - DIRTY TALK - BOOTY BOUNCING - ASS WORSHIP - ASS SPREADING - ASSHOLE FETISH - JOI/JOE
    Flight was canceled and had to stay in NYC flying back from Milan and things got hot and heavy in the hotel room
    In this follow-up to my first Bimbo Transformation Roleplay, Kari's Master trains her to become a stripper. She gives him a VERY dirty lapdance, which includes him fingering her pussy and groping her giant plastic tits!
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    Kinky Outfit Around The Apartment Complex to tease my voyeur neighbours
    I rarely ever show off my tattooed feet and pedicured toes, so here's a chance for you to see! Watch as I lotion up my feet, rub them together then fuck myself with my favourite silver dildo! You'll love seeing me spread wide open, showing off my feet all the way!
    You might want to get your nicest headphones for some mouth-watering erotic audio! ---------- This is the very first Tagalog (Filipino) Jerk Off Instruction Sydney Max Lee has ever done. And it surely won't be the last. And don't worry, there are subtitles as well

    white fair skin friendly smart ass natural daddy fun girl submissive vanilla tiny petite MILF step mom mommy fetish play skinny thin real amateur sweet butthole cutie cute booty intelligent model newbie pussy nylon socks stockings mature closeup spycam spy hidden cam voyeur
    I wear my sexy strappy heels and tight black pants while I show off my booty and strip off my clothes. Enjoying the comfort of the plush bed, I shake my ass, play and tease, getting down to my bra and thong. Surprised by my exciting new toy, I give my ass a short introductory taste.
    My boyfriend and I have started to record the fun we have again. It started with him really wanting me to blow him and I deepthroat him a little bit. Then I ride him for a little while. Unfortunately no finish because we had to put the camera down to fuck harder
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